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Accommodating growth

Another way to view this, in relationship to time, is the further out one lives the more stops the train must take, and thus make the commute much longer than those living closer to Manhattan.

One example of the stress real people are feeling is the 800,000 people applying for 10 available rent stabilized units in a new residential building.

One should also note the density as it relates to subway stations.

What it shows is the potential of the land that is underutilized in this major metropolis area, that with careful selection of new satellite cores one can accommodate more people without adding more time to their commute eliminating a major factor in home selection location and relieving the stress currently design communities are feeling.

Other studies are showing an increasing number of people moving out of the city (Moving out: New York number one in population loss category), which could be for a variety or reasons but one must admit that if all was well in the city they would stay put.