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I mostly commute to work, my daughter’s school, and my girlfriend’s house.

What is your position at Indianapolis Cultural Trail?

Science fiction and fantasy are my entertainment books.

Dancing to electronic music (and music generally) is amazing, too.

There are hundreds of businesses along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail that have helped transform the urban core, including Downtown Phone Repair, located on the second floor of City Market, and owned by Andy Howard, Fletcher Place resident, enthusiastic Pacers Bikeshare rider, dad to Adelaide, Miriam and Jasper and husband to Marlene. I mostly fix broken i Phone screens, but can do most cell phone repairs given enough time and You Tube videos. Did the Cultural Trail weigh in your decision on where to locate? I use the Pacers Bikeshare to get to work pretty much every day. Additionally, I regularly have customers drop off items for repair and then I deliver them by bike after I leave work.

I ended up spending a few years being a stay-at-home dad before I decided to open the repair shop just over a year ago on May 12, 2014.

Since school is out, they are riding with me from Fletcher Place to the City Market.

There is no way that would have happened before the Trail; three-foot sidewalks adjacent to traffic, poorly marked crosswalks, and no pedestrian signals would have made it far too treacherous for them to make that journey.

My great mission in life is about One People/One Planet/One Cosmos, or the notion that we are all one.