Start Who is on the cover of the movie speed dating

Who is on the cover of the movie speed dating

Speed Rack is a national cocktail competition featuring top female bartenders in key cocktail markets, putting them head to head in round robin style timed and judged challenges.

This reinterpretation of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" takes the song out into the country (well Central Park, technically) for a country-rock take on the pop song.

With considerably less costume changes, and decidedly less Beyonce (which may or may not be a good thing depending on your P. V.) it becomes a catchy little knee-slapping number. Like the vocal version of speed dating here's an amazing 32 in eight minutes from this talented young chap who sadly appears to suffer from a serious form of attention deficit disorder.

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Browse our album art collection and download your favorite CD covers 9 retail a*mei c*bob c*swing cd - 3 cd-kortti cd.2 d*funk david bowie dvd f*ups h*wood inxs l*a*w led zeppelin m*sixteen pink r*a*p re*source retail s*h*a*c*k s*k s*m*a*s*h dvd the m*s the r*a*f the r*d*a the.v.a.creamfield cd 1 The system of this site sort the cover title and year.

For exsample: if you upload an album called "Silent Force - Worlds Apart (Japan) (2004)" the site reads only "Worlds Apart (Japan) (2004)" and since it already exists in the database with an album title…

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The world's least butch musical instrument takes on Isaac Hayes' testerone-filled theme tune ("black private dick/who's a sex machine/to all the chicks") to great comedic effect — be sure to hang around until at least around , or so. ") may have been Marie Digby's You Tube ticket to success, but she's not the only one to cover it to great effect.

Germany's The Baseball's rockabilly version works really well, especially backed up with this classy black and white video.

We've scoured You Tube for the best fan-made cover songs we could find — not by mega-famous artists covering tunes by other mega-famous artists — but from "ordinary" folk, You Tube familiar faces and rising stars in the online video world.